Potato Chipper/French Fries Cutter (PC-01)


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Potato Chipper Price in Pakistan – Potato Chipper or french fires cutter is the best product in order to make French fries at home, it lets you cut potatoes quickly in french fries shape, just put a potato and press, and you will get nice shaped potato fries. It has large base and long lever arm, you can change blades for think and thin fries, it has sticking vacuum to the ground, which does not let it go anywhere. This is the ideal kitchen item to make french fries quickly for kids. Order it from Online Shopping store now with home delivery all over Pakistan.

About the Product:

• Stainless Steel Potato Chipper & Cutter
• Easy & Simple To Use
• Durable
• Stainless Steel
• Color: Silver


• Make chunky chips and American style french fries at Home very quickly
• 2 removable sharp blades make an easy and light work of cutting and slicing
• Attractive Stainless Steel design and long lasting
• Non slip rubber feet to attach the machine to a surface
• Dishwasher easy and safe

Product Description:

The stainless steel potato chipper and cutter with 2 interchangeable cutters is a perfect kitchen accessory for every chips lover, by use of this product, you can easily and quickly make fresh chips or skinny french fries at home.

It is beautifully designed from high quality stainless steel and durable. The potato chipper and slicer is very easy and simple to use, you can use its two different blades for traditional chips and American style french fries: one blade has thirty-two holes which is used for traditional chips and one has sixty-four holes which can be used for French Fries Cutter. This stainless steel potato cutter can also used for slicing vegetables like carrot or radish slices.

The potato cutter and chipper also feature with a non slip rubber pad to grip work place while using the product.

Product Detail:

1. Simple and easy cutting owing to the large base and long lever arm.
2. To change the blade, open the potato chipper fully, remove lade and fit new blade.
3. Withdraw ejector and insert new ejector to match color of blade.
4. When placed on end, it occupies little cupboard space.


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