Grass Lawn Seed, Speedy 1.4KG Premium Quality 84 m2


  • SPEEDY GRASS SEED: Does exactly as it says, see results within 7 days, you will be amazed.
  • DEFRA APPROVED: High quality, hard wearing, deep rooted highly acclaimed & rigorously tested fast growing & weed resistant
  • LARGE COVERAGE: Covers up to 84 square metres when overseeding or 64 square meters for a new lawn
  • EFFECTIVE: Highly effective grass seed for new lawns, repairing bare patches or improving your existing lawn.
  • EVEN DISTRIBUTION: Comes in an easy to use cardboard shake box, for even distribution
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    • Special mixture Speedy seed contains a unique blend of fast acting grass seed ,to ensure the fast results of your new lawn.


    • The ingredients in this product have been specially selected to give a lush, even result .


    • Suitable for overseeding your existing lawn.


  • Easy and convenient shaker box for a nice even coverage.


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