Grafting Tool – Pruning Shears Kit with 3 Replaceable Blades


  • 【What you get】:Professional convenient grafting tool set including a dual-use grafting pruner tool contain 2 extra replaceable blades, a wrench and a screwdriver, along with 36pcs wide rubber bands, 150 thick rubber bands and 2 grafting tape, packed in a black wallet to meet all your needs.
  • 【Why you get】:Grafting pruner tool was made of #65 high-carbon steel sharp shear blades and spring with high-strength ABS plastic handle, cuts fit together perfectly, save 40% of the time and energy, significantly improving the survival rate.
  • 【Easy to use】:Set with 3 replaceable blades ( Ω-Cut U-Cut V-Cut), suitable for grafting fruit tree branches and the grafting diameter is 5-12mm/0.2″-0.47″, easy to use it with the instructions.
  • 【About parts】:There are 2 kinds of stretchable rubber bands included in the kit for gardener options to secure the grafts together, Grafting tape used for wrapping and sealing the grafted pieces to prevent air and moisture entering the graft. It is stretchable self-adhesive and biodegradable.
  • 【If you choose us】:We promise 100% quality assurance, if you find the package is damaged or product quality problems, contact us immediately and we will try our best to fulfill your refund request.
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Grafting is not an easy job, especially the plant cutting and joining part.
You have to make sure the rootstock (base plant) and the scion (top plant) stem are of the same cutting angle.
Otherwise, the new hybrid plant will be prone to die.
This grafting cutting tool can solve this problem.

Create Precise Grafts with Ease
This tool allows you to quickly create omega/V/U style grafts with its precise, sharp blade. Even a novice can create perfect grafts with ease. The grafting blade is able to cut through stock up to 12 mm in diameter.
Ideal for Both Professionals and Amateurs
As long as you have rootstock and scion of the same or close diameters, two centered V-shaped ( or U /Ω) cuts will fit them together perfectly, giving you a stable graft, with maximum cambium contact, ready for taping. With a good taping job, no wax or whipping is needed.

How to use:
1. Hold the handle and press the orange button, then the pruner is unlocked.
2. Cutting the useless branches from the plant with pruner scissors.
3. Place the grafting area where the graft is needed, and take care to ensure that the groove is cut in the stock plant.
4. Slide the donor stem into the groove of the stock plant, matching the cut surfaces as closely as possible.

Material: High Carbon Steel + ABS Plastic Handles
Tool Size: 8-1/2”l x 3-1/2”w
Main color: Color: black
3 Replaceable blades: Ω cut, U cut and V cut
Grafting Diameter: 5-12mm/0.2″-0.47″

Grafting Cutting Tool x 1pc
V-shape Blade x 1pc
Ω-shape Blade x 1pc
U-shape Blade x 1pc
Wrench x 1pc
Screwdriver x 1pc
PE grafting tape x 2 pc
Wide rubber band x approx 36 counts
Slim rubber band x approx 150 counts
Black Pouch x 1pc


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