Drain Mate Plug Hole, Sink and Drain Freshener


  • ✨ PLUG HOLE AND SINK FRESHENER – This products helps to clean and freshen your sink, plughole and drains. 12 single use sachets of sink freshener – 360g – 30g per sachet. Made in the UK.
  • ✨ MAXI STRENGTH formula helps remove unwanted odours from your bathroom or kitchen sink and plughole.
  • ✨ FRESHENS sinks and drains with a Clean Fresh Fragrance. Also works as a plug cleaner.
  • ✨ THE EASY TO USE SACHETS help to remove stains and marks from the sink, as well as keeping the plughole free from nasty smells.
  • ✨ STAINLESS STEEL FRIENDLY – Can be used on Stainless Steel & Ceramic Sinks/plugs- keeping the sink fresh and your sink looking brand new.
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Use Drain Mate Sink freshener to make your sink spotlessly clean and freshen up your plug hole whilst leaving a pleasant clean smell in your kitchen. Suitable for stainless steel, ceramic sinks and septic tanks.


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