DIBAO Anti Squirrel Proof Buster Bird Feeder Metal Outdoor Hanging


  • ?[Size] 6.3×6.3×7.1inch / 16x16x18CM
  • ?[Metal mesh design] Birds can eat freely and conveniently, while squirrels are blocked by a mesh structure, which can prevent squirrels from stealing your bird’s feed, and prevent large birds (such as pigeons) from preying or attacking smaller Birds. The ventilation is good and the food is not perishable.
  • ?[Caring tray and lanyard] There is a tray at the bottom, no longer wasting feed, and the dropped food will be caught by the tray, saving food and protecting the environment. The lanyard on the top of the feeder is made of high-quality materials with high bearing capacity and is not easy to break. Durable.
  • ?[Anti-rust treatment] The surface of the feeder has anti-rust treatment, and it is not easy to rust when hanging outdoors.
  • ?[Multi-function] Our feeder is a decoration in the garden and a breeding place for birds. It provides food for birds and attracts various birds to your garden.
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?Please clean the feeder regularly with a mild disinfectant.

?Bronze tones, perfect for all styles of garden. Openable lid design for easy access to food.

?In recent years, the development of humans has increased, birds have less and less living environment, and natural food resources have become less and less. Bird feeders can help them survive. If you are willing to help them, please keep it up It is best to have multiple feeding places in the garden to avoid too many bird fights.


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