Who We Are

We are the US and Ireland’s leading retailer of toys, health & beauty and pet supplies. Exclusively representing some of the biggest toy manufacturers in the World. Established in 2018, our mission is simple – to provide the highest possible standards of service to our suppliers and customers with the best availability of the hottest products and collectable’s on the market! Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team consists of 9 members with over 12 years of experience within the industry. How big or small your business is, we have built up a reputation for providing all of our customers with a personal, professional and friendly service, allowing us to maintain our position in the market as one of the industry leaders. We helped various brands to grow their sales. With easy access to the US’s major transport links and stock arriving every day, this enables us to maintain a competitive edge by providing all of our customers with an exceptionally quick service. We notice things. We notice pain points and pains-in-the-neck. We notice problems people don’t realize are problems until we solve them. We see opportunities to improve a product or a process, or a part of everyday life, and we make things that make things better.

Our products make everyday life easier, in every room of your home. From cooking and baking to brewing and entertaining to cleaning and organizing, to everyday adventures with little ones. We design tools that fit comfortably in your hand and in your life.

Everything we make is built to last—our products are engineered for functionality and durability—it’s why we guarantee them for life.